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Bank Contacts

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If you are in need of contacting your bank directly, here is a comprehensive list of banking institutions with their respective customer service web pages and phone numbers.

Updated: 2/10/2016
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Bank Name Customer Service Web Page Phone Number
University Federal Credit Union 1-800-252-8311
University of Hawaii Federal Credit Union 1-808-983-5500
University of Illinois Employees Credit Union
University of Iowa Community Credit Union 1-800-397-3790
University of Kentucky Federal Credit Union 1-800-234-UKCU
University of Michigan Credit Union
University of Nebraska Federal Credit Union 1-800-875-5933
University of Virginia Community Credit Union 1-888-887-9136
Uniwyo Federal Credit Union
UNO Federal Credit Union
US Alliance Federal Credit Union 1-800-431-2754
US Bank
US Postal Service Federal Credit Union
USAA 1-877-632-3002
USAlliance Federal Credit Union
USE Credit Union 1-866-873-4968
Utah Central Credit Union
Utah Community Credit Union
Utica District Telephone Employee Federal Credit Union
UW Credit Union 1-800-533-6773
VA Pittsburgh Employees Federal Credit Union
Vantage Credit Union
Vantage West Credit Union 1-800-888-7882
Vectra Bank
Velocity Credit Union 1-800-933-2029
Veridian Credit Union
Verity Credit Union
Vermont Federal Credit Union
ViewPoint Bank 1-800-578-9009
Virginia Beach Schools Federal Credit Union 1-877-4VBSFCU
Virginia Credit Union 1-800-285-6609
Virginia Tech Credit Union 1-800-285-6609
Virginia United Methodist Credit Union
Viriva Community Credit Union
Visions Federal Credit Union 1-800-242-2120
Wachovia 1-800-922-4684
Washington Community Federal Credit Union
Webster Bank 1-800-325-2424
Weld Schools Credit Union
Wells Fargo & Co
Wells Fargo & Co 1-800-956-4442
WESC Federal Credit Union
Wescom Credit Union 1-888-493-7266
West Coast Federal Employees Credit Union
West One Federal Credit Union 1-925-245-7200
West Suburban Bank 1-630-652-2000
Western New York Federal Credit Union
Windward Community Federal Credit Union 1-808-254-3566
Wings Financial Federal Credit Union
Winnebago Community Credit Union
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